Back to school

Below we have identified and answered some of the most common questions parents have been asking about the children’s return to Gaelscoil na Daróige:

  1. When does my child start back?

There are two important dates:

Monday 24th August: This is the start date for ALL P6/7 Children, they will be in most of the day starting at 09.30 am and finishing at 2.00 pm.

Other classes will have a 2-hour induction class at some stage during this week. Teachers have already contacted parents with these times.

Monday 31st August: This is the starting date for the rest of the school.

2. What time will my child start school at?

For next week only (starting the 24th), R6/7 will start at 09.30 am.

From the 31st of August on, there will be staggered starting times.

One of the school’s most important tools in minimising the risk of Covid-19 are the staggered starting times. It is essential that parents adhere to these times as failure to do so will result in an increased risk of Covid spread.

We have created 3 groups that will come to the school at 10-minute intervals of each other.

We have allocated all our children into one of these 3 groups based on times the children previously arrived at school.

We have also insured that members of the same family have been allocated to the same group.

Below you will find the starting times for each of the 3 groups:

Group 1: 8:35 am | Group 2: 8:45 am | Group 3: 8:55 am

Teachers have been contacting parents to inform them of their times. If you haven’t received this yet it is because we don’t have a way of contacting you. Please check your emails/class dojo and if you haven’t received your time, email your class teacher ASAP for this information:

R1: rmhicchionnaith364@c2kni.net

R2: rmoore239@c2kni.net

R3/4: cholmes401@c2kni.net

R4/5: fodonghaile306@c2kni.net

R6/7: socoinn195@c2kni.net

3. What time will my child finish school?

For next week only (starting the 24th), R6/7 will end at 2.00 pm.

From the 31st of August on, the staggered finishing times will be as follows:

Rang 1: 2.10 pm (following settling in process)

Rang 2: 2.20 pm

Rang 3/4: 2.30 pm

Rang 5: 2.40 pm

Rang 6/7: 2.50 pm

4. What happens when I arrive at school with my child? Can I come into the school grounds?

Due to strict regulations, Parents of R1 Children only will be allowed to enter the school grounds with their child; however, they will not be allowed to enter the classroom with their child.

All other parents must leave their child at the school gate.

There will be members of staff on duty to help guide children to their classrooms as quickly and safely as possible to help minimise risk.

5. What if my child is nervous/anxious and won’t go in?

We will have dedicated members of staff to meet your child directly at the gate. We are very aware of how scary the situation may be for a lot of our younger pupils and we have plans in place to create as safe and as welcoming an environment as we can in order to make your child feel comfortable.

6. Will the staggered opening times apply next week if my child is in R6/7?

No, due to the reduced numbers attending on the week of the 24th, staggered times will not be required; however, the school day will start at 09.30 am and finish at 2.00pm.

7. Will school dinner be provided as normal?

· School dinner will not be available for the week of the 24th of August (24th-28th) for R6/7 or any other child attending that week.

· School Dinner will not be available on Monday the 31st for all children.

· School dinner services will continue as normal from Tuesday the 1st of September.

For the days that school dinner is not available, children must bring their own packed lunch.

8. Can my child bring their own packed lunch from home?

Yes, but we ask the lunch is brought to school in a container that can be cleaned/wiped or a disposable bag/container.

9. How will hand cleaning/hygiene be managed?

The school has invested in a range of sanitisers and disinfectants for the coming year. We will implement the following measures to ensure best practices:

· All children will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the school grounds. These will be located in the school.

· Children will be required to wash their hands every morning; before and after meals; and, regularly throughout the day.

· Children will be taught proper handwashing technique in the classroom.

· Small children, up to R3 will be supervised to ensure they are using the correct technique.

Children throughout the school will also be taught the CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT technique for effective disposal of tissues etc.

10. What happens if a child/my child shows symptoms of Covid?

At School:

We have a procedure in place. All our staff have been prepared to identify Covid symptoms. If a child is identified as having symptoms, a dedicated member of staff will discreetly accompany your child to a designated are where they can safely self-isolate at a distance of 2m while still be supervised. The area will be comfortable, well lit and well ventilated. The parent/guardian of the child will be contacted and arrangements made for the child to be taken home. The school will then follow the PHA track and trace guidelines.

At Home:

If your child displays any Covid symptoms at home, it is extremely important that you do not send them to school. You should seek appropriate medical advice and follow the PHA guidelines . You should also inform the school as soon as possible that your child is displaying Covid 19 symptoms.

11. Will my child have to wear a clean uniform every day?

As a school and as parents we understand the difficulties of providing a clean school uniform for your child on a daily basis, especially if you have a large family. We ask that, as far as an individual family’s circumstances will allow that children have a clean uniform daily.

12. Should my child bring a school bag/pencil case?

No. For the first month at least, children have been asked only to bring a packed lunch and bottle of water as required. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

13. Can they bring a water bottle?

Yes. We encourage all children to bring a bottle for water as cups will now not be available in school. Water bottles may be refilled in school and must be taken home to be washed daily.

14. My child usually gets a taxi to school, will they still operate?

Any parent whose child avails of transport to school should contact the transport provider/taxi firm that they used last year in order to organise transport for this year. Please inform your taxi driver of your child's staggered start time.